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Maldivians are born seafarers







A Journey of a Quarter Century

Asia Management Limited (AML) established on 1st May 1991, is a Private Limited Company in the Republic of Maldives. The Company’s primary expertise is in the field of marine related services, mainly the recruitment of Maldivian Seafarers on foreign going vessels. Prior to establishing AML, the business activity was carried out under the name of Eurasia Agencies Private Limited (EAL) established in 1978

Asia Management is a leading marine services Company in the Maldives. Over the years, Asia Management has diversified into tourism business through its sister Company, Green Travel Maldives Private Limited, always striving and achieving leadership roles.

Since 1978, Asia Management has been bringing an entirely new level of services and competencies to the Maldives marine industry, whether it is Shipping Agency, Ships Crew Management, Marine Education & Training, Marine Surveys, Ship Supplies, or any one of the host of other business activities we perform including Marine Management Consultancy.

AML is Representatives & Liaison Office for Owner Oldendoff Carriers GmbH Co. KG. Lubeck. Germany since 1991